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Market and Industry


Market Share of Grid connected Renewable Energy

RE industry is growing at a rapid rate over the last few years. Particularly the growth of solar industry is noteworthy. In order to maintain the momentum of RE growth, one needs to evaluate the industry and market continuously.

This in turn necessitates the availability of accurate data and information which may be analyzed to create meaningful insights. These insights may go a long way in deriving contemporary policies and regulations suitable to accelerated growth of the sector in future. This section of allaboutrenewables endeavors to provide accurate data on various indicators of RE industry and market.

A special emphasis has been given on the equipment manufacturing, export and import situation across various technologies, viz., wind, solar, small hydro and biomass and market shares of these sectors.

Manufacturers List

RE manufacturing is growing at a rapid rate over last few years. Manufacturing holds a key position in overall growth of RE industry in India. Allaboutrenewables portrays data on equipment manufacturing, export and import situation across various sectors, such as, wind, solar, small hydro and biomass.

Wind Power


Small Hydro

Biomass Gasifiers


RE markets have shown prolific growth over the last few years in India. This section is unique in terms of representation of data. Going beyond installed capacity it shows market share in terms of total value creation by different technologies in India. Allaboutrenewables depicts market share of different technologies in total value of RE. Additionally it shows up to date data on auctions performed over last one year in India.

Technology wise market shareTechnology wise market share


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