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AEGCL  Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Ltd 
AERC  Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission 
APDCL  Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd 
APERC  Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission 
APSERC Arunachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission 
BERC  Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission 
BESCOM  Bengalore Electricity  Supply Company 
BSPTCL  Bihar State Power Transmission Company Ltd 
CERC  Central Electricity Regulatory Commission 
CESC Culcutta Electric Supply Corporation 
CESC  Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation
CESU  Central Electricity Supply Utility 
CSERC  Chhatisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission 
CSPDCL Chhatisgarh State Power Distribution Company Ltd 
CSPTCL  Chhatisgarh State Power Transmission Compnay Ltd 
CSS  Cross Subsidy Surcharge 
DERC Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission 
DGVCL Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
DISCOM Distribution Compnay 
DPL  Durgapur Projects Ltd 
DVC  Damodar Valley Corporation 
EHT Extra-High Tension 
GERC  Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission 
GESCOM  Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company 
GETCO  Guajrat Electricity Transmission Company Ltd
HESCOM  Hubali Electricity Supply Company 
HPERC  Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission 
HT  High Tension
HTS  High Tension Supply 
IEGC  Indian Electricity Grid Code 
IPCL  Indian Power Corporation Ltd [Formerly Known as DPSC Ltd]
JBVNL Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Ltd 
JKPDD Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department 
JKSERC  Jammu and Kashmir Electricity Regulatory Commission 
JSERC Jharkhand State Electricity Regulatory Commission 
JUSNL Jharkhand Urja Sancharan Nigam Ltd 
KERC  Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission 
KPTCL  karnataka Power Transmission Company Ltd 
KSEB Kerala State Electricity Board
KSERC  Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission 
KVA  kilo Volt Ampere
KVAH  kilo Volt Ampere Hour
kW  Kilo Watt 
kWh  Kilo Watt Hours 
LTOA  Long Term Open Access 
MePDCL  Meghalaya Power Distribution Company Ltd 
MePTCL  Meghalaya Power Transmission Company Ltd 
MESCOM  Mangalore Electricity Supply Company 
MGVCL  Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Ltd 
MPPTCL  Madhya Pradesh Power Tranmission Compnay Ltd 
MSERC  Meghalaya State Electricity Regulatory Commission
MTOA  Medium Term Open Access 
MVA  Mega Volt Ampere 
MW  Mega Watt
NBPDCL  Northern Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd
NESCO North Eastern Electricity Supply Company of Odisha
NLDC  National Load Dispatch Center
OA  Open Access 
OERC  Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission 
P/U  Paise /Unit 
PGVCL  Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd 
PSERC  Punjab State Electrcity Regulatory Commission 
PTCUL   Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Ltd
SBPDCL Southern Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd 
SERC  State Electricity Regulatory Commission 
SLDC State Load Dispatch Center 
SNA State Nodal Agency 
SOUTHCO Southern Electricity Supply Company of Odisha 
STOA  Short Term Open Access 
STU  State Transmission Utility 
TERC  Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission 
TNERC  Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission 
TOA  Temporary Open Access (Tripura) 
TSERC  Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission 
TSNPDCL  Telangana State Northern Power Distribution Company Ltd 
TSSPDCL  Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Ltd 
UERC Uttarakhand Electrcity Regulatory Commission 
UGVCL  Uttar Gujarata Vij Company Ltd 
UPCL  Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd 
WBPDCL West Bengal Power Development Corporation Ltd. 
WBSEB  West Bengal State Electricity Board 
WBSEDCL  West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd
WBSETCL West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd
WESCO Western Electricity Supply Company of Odisha 

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