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Renewable Energy

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Key Features

  • Access to around 200+ policies and regulations, 800+ project locations/capacities of RE IPPs/Investors on the map of India, 250+ list of RE manufacturers.
  • Access to over 100+ links of central and state/UT government organisations, 50+ NGOs, electric utilities, 350+ national and international reports, and journals/magazines in the RE sector.
  • Availability of 'easy-to-read' summary tables of central/state/UT policies and regulations on selecting a state on the map of India.
  • Search facility for accessing central/state/UT-wise policies and regulations, either state-wise, technology-wise, or year-wise.
  • Interactive maps highlighting location, address and capacity details of IPPs/investors of wind (50+ MW), solar (20+ MW), small hydro (2-25 MW) and biomass.
  • Availability of daily/weekly/monthly electricity generation figures of renewables and conventional electricity generation at the ‘click of a button’.
  • Availability of dynamic graphs to compare daily/weekly generation of different RE technologies, as also RE vis-à-vis conventional generation.
  • General search and downloading facility throughout the portal (as and where required).
  • Graphical representation through figures, charts, graphs, etc., for easy interpretation of data.
  • Availability of daily news updates, orders and amendments, the latest events, etc.

About Portal

'All About Renewables' aims to bring about a change in the way we 'look and search' for data on renewables today, by providing access to the latest developments in the renewable energy sector (specifically renewable electricity), along with cross-linkages to the conventional energy sector, all on one single platform... Read More


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