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Brief Overview of Solar Energy

Installed Capacity
24,021.66 (MW)
(As on 31/10/2018)

Electricity Generation
96.49 (MU)
(As on 11/12/2018)

Manufacturing Capacity
11,500 (MW)
(As on 31/12/2017)

Market Share
29.41 (%)
(As on 31/03/2018)

Individual Power Producers
66 (Nos.)



Installed capacity of grid-connected solar energy in India has reached 24 GW by the end of October 2018. As on 31st March, 2018 total share of grid connected solar energy technologies in terms of value in the total renewable energy sector was 29.84%. 

During the calendar year 2017 total US$ 6.7 billion was invested on solar technologies. During 2017-18, approximately 112 675 jobs were created in India’s solar energy sector. 

As a result of robust activities in the solar energy sector, approximately 21.75 million tonnes CO2 equivalent emissions were avoided during 2017-18.



Jobs Created

1,12,675 (Nos.)
(As on 31/03/2018)


Emissions Avoided

21.75 (Million Tons)
(As on 31/10/2018)


Total Investment

4.0 ($ Billion)
(As on 31/12/2017)


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