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Solar Overview


Installed Capacity
29,549.34 (MW)
(As on 30/06/2019)


Electricity Generation
4282.63 MU
(As on 30/06/2019)


Manufacturing Capacity
5759 MW
(As on 31/12/2017)


Market Share
(As on 31/03/2019)


Individual Power Producers
67 (Nos.)
(As on 31/12/2017)


Installed capacity of grid-connected solar energy in India has reached 28 GW including 3.85 GW from rooftop solar. As on 31st March, 2019, share of grid connected solar energy technologies in the total renewable energy sector value was 29.08%. The same year registered lowest solar tariff of Rs. 2.44/unit in July 2018.

In 2018, investment in Indian solar sector was Rs.980 crore which is lower than that in the previous year. The drop in investment was attributed mainly tovaried GST rates on solar equipment and services, imposition of anti-dumping dutyon solar panels and cancellation of auction by SECI citing high tariff.

At the end of December 2018, the country reported 25.21 GW of operational solar power capacity. New addition totaled 3.12 GW which is a good kick start for year 2019.Total job created by solar sector was 115 000 in 2018.



Jobs Created



Emissions Avoided

32 (Million Tons)


Total Investment

15.8 ($ million)
(calendar year 2018)


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