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Roof top solar systems
2050.29 MW
(As on 30/06/2019)


Solar home lighting systems
17.8 lakh (Nos)
(As on 31/3/2019)


Standalone SPV based power plants
918.64 MW
(As on 30/6/2019)


Water pumping mills
1536 (Nos)
(As on 31/3/2019)


Aerogenerators and hybrid systems
3349.60 kW
(As on 31/3/2019)


Decentralized Energy

Decentralized renewable energy systems play a crucial role to ensure access to electricity even at places where grid extension is delayed or not feasible. Mainly two purposes are solved by RE based decentralized systems in India – lighting and water pumping. Apart from solar based standalone systems, small Decentralized and mini hydel plants are also used as decentralized RE systems.



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