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Wind Energy Policy of Rajasthan - 2012

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Nodal Agency

Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd. (RREC).


Wind technologies

Policy Period

From 2012 until modified or superseded by another policy.

Targets under Policy

Direct sale of power to the DISCOMs

Direct sale of power to the DISCOMs

Captive use or third party sale within the state Sale through RE
Up to year 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 Unlimited capacity



Unlimited capacity 300 MW 400 MW 500 MW


Incentive Amount

Not available.

Eligibility Conditions

Projects selling power directly to state DISCOMsfor captive use and third party sale of power within the state, and sale through RE certificate mechanism.

Tax Exemptions

  • Power producers for captive use are exempted from electricity duty.

  • Tax exemptions available under industries department schemes.

Evacuation Arrangement

Interfacing arrangements, such as transformers, panels, kiosks, protection, metering, HT lines from the points of generation to the pooling sub-station,including the pooling sub-station,shall be developed and maintained by the developer.




Grid connectivity charges

For creating a proper facility for receiving power at the receiving sub-station of RVPN/DISCOM, the developer/power producer shall pay grid-connectivity charges (as finalized by RERC from time to time) to RVPN/ DISCOM, as the case may be.

Single window clearance

RREC will act as nodal agency for single window clearance of projects.

Other incentives

Generation of electricity from RE sources shall be treated as eligible industry under the schemes administered by the Industries Department, and incentives available to industrial units under such schemes shall also be available to the developer/power producer. 

Allotment of land

  •      Will be as per the provisions of Rajasthan Land Revenue (Allotment of Land for Setting up of Power Plant based on Renewable Energy Sources) Rules, 2007, as amended from time to time.

  •      Government land required for wind power projects shall be allotted to wind power developers at a concessional rate of 10% of the District Level Committee (DLC) rate.

Open access for third party sale

Open access will be granted to any wind power producer or beneficiary, who  shall have to pay the applicable open access charges and losses as approved by RERC/ CERC, from time to time. 



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