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Uttarakhand Power Generation from Pirul (Pine leaves) and other Biomass

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Nodal Agencies and their Functions

i) Uttarakhand Renewable Power Development Agency (UREDA)

  • Selection of developer for power generation and briquetting/bio-oil.
  • Monitoring and supervising project execution.
  • Project clearance.
  • Subsidy facilitation.

ii) Forest Department

  • Study of potential pine leaves site and other biomass collection areas.
  • Identification of potential project locations.
  • Collect levies.

iii) Government of Uttarakhand will act as facilitator for pine leaves and biomass related project.

Plant Capacity

10 kW to 250 kW.





1 MW


5 MW


100 MW

50 biomass briquetting/bio-oil plants with 2000 MT/year capacity by 2030.

Procedure for land allotment

  • Individual entity or joint venture (JV) with community-based organization, can apply for bid.
  • Applicant with lowest levelised fixed tariff for 20 years will be awarded the project.
  • No restriction to government agency to directly take up a project.

Clearance Requirements

  1. Pollution control board
  2. Forest department
  3. Revenue department
  4. Gram panchayat
  5. Industries department


  • Project will be treated as industry and be entitled to all benefits associated with industry.
  • Developer can avail central financial assistance.
  • No electricity duty for 10 years.
  • Projects developed on private land will be exempted from stamp duty.
  • Van Panchayat will collect pine leaves and other biomass only using human resources.
  • Developer can claim benefit of clean development mechanism (CDM).
  • No cross-subsidy charges (CCS) for third party sale under open access.

Integration with other Government Schemes

  • Schemes to stop forest wildfires can benefit by working with such power plants.
  • Funded schemes like MNREGA, NRLM can form biomass collection structure for such power plants.


As notified by the Commission or mentioned in the PPA.


  • Wheeling.
  • Open access and losses.

Project Implementation Timeline


No. of Days

Invitation of proposal


Submission of application


Evaluation and approval by State Committee


Issue of Letter of Acceptance(LoA)


Submission of security deposit and signing of MoU


Clearances and approval

LoA issuance date+180

Financial closure

LoA issuance date+300

Commercial operation date

LoA issuance date+540

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