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Uttar Pradesh Roof Top Solar Policy- 2014

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Nodal Agency

Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency.

Applicable Technologies

Solar photovoltaic.

Policy Period

From the date of issuance till March 2017, unless superseded or modified before March 2017.

Targets under Policy

20 MW

Public institution – 10 MW

Private institution – 10 MW


Government of India subsidy

Eligibility Conditions

Any person,including company, body corporate, association, body of individuals interested in setting up power plants for self-consumption within the purview of technical standards and specification. 

Tax Exemptions

Not available.

Evacuation Arrangement

Provisions laid down by distribution licensee, approved by electricity regulatory commission, will be followed for interconnecting power plants with grid.




Implementation plan

Government of Uttar Pradesh will promote implementation of rooftop solar power plants for self-consumption in government and private buildings, with net metering arrangement up to 50kW and net energy billing mechanism above 50 kW frame. 

Metering arrangement

Rooftop solar photovoltaic plants with proposed connectivity tothe grid above 415V,metering arrangement shall be governed by Central Electricity Authority (Installation and Operation of Meters) Regulations, 2006 and Central Electricity Authority (Installation and Operation of Meters) Amendment Regulations, 2010, and any amendment thereof, unless superseded by further notified regulations by Central Electricity Authority.

For rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation plants with proposed connectivity of voltage levelsat 415 V or below, the type of meters and metering arrangement shall be governed by Central Electricity Authority (Installation and Operation of Meters) Amendment, Regulations, 2013 after notification by the Central Electricity Authority. 

Evacuation voltage

The evacuation voltage of electricity generated from solar power plants would be as follows: 

Capacity of the system Evacuation voltage
Below 5 kW Single-phase, low voltage
> 5 kW – 50 kW Three phase, 415 voltage
> 50 kW – 2 MW 6.6kV/11kV
>2 MW – 5 MW 11kV/33kV/66kV (as per site conditions)



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