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Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy

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Nodal Agency

Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA).


Solar photovoltaic and solar thermal.

Policy Period

Not available

Targets under Policy

9000 MW of solar power by 2023. 40% of target to be accomplished by consumer category.


  • For utility consumers, the energy can be fed at any voltage level with the condition of no wheeling service at LT level.
  • For captive consumers, any excess energy injected into the grid will be credited at a tariff determined by the Commission from time to time.

Eligibility Conditions

Not available.



  • Consumers generating energy for self-use will be exempted from electricity tax till 2021.
  • Renewable energy projects installed for study or research purposes will be given exemptions from charges upon request to the nodal agency.

Evacuation Arrangement

Wheeling is available for plant capacity of 1 MW and above.


  • Buildings following ECBC rules must install solar technology.
  • Promotion of electric vehicle and solar-powered charging station.
  • Concentrated solar power technology must be adopted by industrial establishments.



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