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Solar Roof Top Net Metering Policy of Punjab - 2014

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Nodal Agency

Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA).


Solar photovoltaic on rooftops.

Policy Period

5th November 2014until repealed or new policy is introduced.

Targets under Policy

Maximum cumulative installation capacity to be decided by the government, on yearly basis.

Incentive Amount

PEDA can be approached for applicable MNRE, GOI grant as per prevailing instructions/policy. Fiscal and other incentives as per New and Renewable Sources of Energy Policy 2012.

Eligibility Conditions

All consumers of the state distribution licensee or PSPCL, with project capacity ranging between 1 KWp to 10 MWp, with or without battery backup support.

Application Fees

Rs. 50/kVA alongwith application to PSPCL.

Tax Exemptions

The developer can claim depreciation on the capital cost of the PV systems with associated direct tax benefits.

Evacuation Arrangement

Not available




Open access charges

Third party owned, rooftop solar systems, will be exempted from open access regulations. 

Exemption of


The rooftop solar system under net metering arrangement, whether self-owned or third party owned, installed on eligible consumer premises, shall be exempted from banking and wheeling charges and losses, cross subsidy and additional surcharge, etc.

Capacity targets for distribution licensee

The cumulative capacity to be allowed at a particular distribution transformer shall not exceed 30% of the rated capacity of said transformer. 

Settlement of net energy

The settlement of net energy, including any banked energy, shall be madeat the end of each settlement period based on 90% of the consumption.

At the beginning ofeach settlement period, cumulative carried over injected energy shall bereset to zero 



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