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Scheme for Programme on 'Small Wind Energy and Hybrid Systems (SWES)' - 2013

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Nodal Agency

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Applicable Technologies

Small wind energy and hybrid systems(water pumping windmills, aero generators/wind-solar hybrid systems).

Policy Period

12th Five Year Plan

Incentive Amount

Total financial outlay Rs.50 crore.

CFA – Rs.1 lakh per kW.

Eligibility Conditions

CFA is applicable to SWES under community users and telecom towers (tower owner will be the beneficiary) providedeither 5-10% power of the installed capacityof SWES, or one street light of 20W capacity within 50m of the telecom tower (for every 2kW capacity of SWES system), is shared for community purposes.

Implementing and Operating Agency

Implemented in association with state nodal agencies (SNAs), manufacturers of SWESs, R&D/academic/autonomous institutions, NGOs, govt. undertakings and user organizations. Monitoring of project implementation will be carried out through review meetings, field visits, etc., by MNRE.

Additional Information

Guidelines for implementation, application forms of the programme, and pattern of release of CFA, are provided in the scheme document.




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