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Renewable Energy Policy 2017 - for U.T. of Daman and Diu

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Nodal Agency

Electricity Department of Daman and Diu.

Policy Period               

  • From the DOI until policy modification or suspension.

Eligible Entities

  • Any individual, company or body corporate, or association, or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not or artificial juridical person, for the purpose of captive use and/or for selling of electricity, in accordance with the Electricity Act, 2003.

Policy Goal

To achieve 200 MW of solar power generation by 2022 with yearly targets as:

  • FY 17-18 – 25 MW
  • FY 18-19 – 35 MW
  • FY 19-20 – 45 MW
  • FY 20-21 – 50 MW
  • FY 21-22 – 45 MW
  • All govt. buildings will be covered under the solar rooftop.
  • HT companies shall install solar projects of 5% of their C. demand.

Power Evacuation

Electricity Department will facilitate the evacuation:

  • LT – after net metering point onwards.
  • HT/EHT – at pooling station (66/11 kV or 220/66 kV).
  • Outside U.T. – 220 kV substation of the electricity department.


  • Exemption to OA developers and beneficiaries from associated charges and restrictions.
  • Subsidy to domestic consumers in solar PV projects which will be released in three steps:
  • 1 kWp> Rs.10,000.
  • 2 kWp> Rs.20,000.
  • 3 kWp> Rs.30,000.
  • 4 kWp> Rs.40,000.
  • 5 kWp> Rs.50,000.
  • Subsidy from Union Territory administration does not restrict prosumers from availing benefits from the Central Govt./MNRE.







  • Promotion of RE generation within the UT.
  • Self-sustainability in meeting RPO by 2022.
  • Encouraging private sector participation.
  • Creating skilled manpower and employment.
  • Increasing decentralized distribution to reduce T&D losses.
  • Encouraging the development of the RE industry.

Empanelment of EPC Contractor

  • EPC contractors should register with the Electricity Department and projects will be executed by the empanelled EPC contractors.
  • EPC contractor shall deposit 10% of the contract value with the Electricity Department for 5 years as a refundable performance-based security deposit.

Grid-connectivity, Safety and Billing Cycle

Only grid-connected solar plants qualify under this policy:

  • Up to 10 kW – single phase 230 V.
  • More than 10 kW and to up to 100 kW – 3 phase 400 V.
  • Above 100 kW and to up to 4 MWp – 11 kV.
  • Beyond 4 MWp – 66 kV.
  • Only solar RPO is available.
  • Group net-metering policy is allowed.

Billing Cycle

  • 6-monthly settlement period from 1st April to 30th September and from 1st October to 31st March.
  • Producer and prosumers will be exempted from charges with respect to energy banking, wheeling charges, line losses and cross-subsidy.

Commercial Settlement

The power generated will be purchased by the Electricity Department for 25 years as per power procurement rates.

Sale of Energy

To any consumers, Utilities, Electricity Department within the UT or outside it. For sale to the third party, there will be no PPAs with the Electricity Department.

Technical Compliance

Only ±5% tolerance is allowed in rated capacity of solar projects.


Only MNRE approved technology will be connected to the grid for solar projects.


  • Online monitoring and data acquisition at the inverter and at the bi-directional meter.
  • Prosumers or producer shall arrange for such meters, themselves.

Implementation Period of Projects

Up to 25 kW per location

1 month

Above 25 kW to up to 100 kW

2 months

Up to 500 kW

3 months

Up to 5 MW

6 months

Above 5 MW

12 months

Single Window Clearance System

  • Facilitation in approval, clearances, permissions and consents related to policy, including govt. order-related to policy.
  • Ensuring timely provision for evacuation infrastructure.




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