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Manipur Solar Rooftop Policy - 2014

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Nodal Agency

Manipur Renewable Energy Development Agency (MANIREDA

Applicable Technologies

Solar rooftop

Policy Period

Not available

Targets under Policy

50 MW by 2022.

  • 30MW under net metering

  • 20 MW under gross metering,

on the first-come-first-served basis. Actual target will be subject to sanctioned capacity by MNRE.

Incentive Amount

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Govt. of India is providing Central Financial Assistance(CFA) upto  30% of benchmark cost for all types of residential buildings for the General Category States and upto 70% for North Eastern States. Similar CFA is also available for schools, health institutions including medical colleges & hospitals, universities, educational institutions and other Social Sectors such as welfare homes, NGOs, training institutes, orphanages etc. 

No CFA is applicable for Government/PSU buildings, Government Institutions, Private/Commercial/Industrial buildings.

Eligibility Conditions

Individuals, residential/commercial/govt./semi-govt. building owners, industrial units, are eligible to set up plants within the prescribed capacity limit.

  • Project capacity limit from 1 kW to 500 kW.

  • The maximum capacity shall not exceed the sanctioned connected load or contract demand.

Processing Fees

Rs.500/kWp, subject to a maximum of Rs.50,000.

Tax Exemptions

Not available

Net Metering

  • The net and gross metering facility will be implemented for Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited consumer.

  • MSPDCL shall install/seal tested bi-directional (export and import) or separate export and import energy meters, for all solar PV projects.




<p >The policy aims to utilize existing roof space on buildings for rooftop SPV systems and to replace DG gensets installed for minimum load requirement for operation during load shedding.

Options for installation of solar projects
  • Solar rooftop systems maybe owned by consumers with an option for O&M by third party.
  • Solar installations owned, operated and maintained by third party may be used for captive consumption or as per lease agreement entered with the consumer.

Site requirements

Technical requirements of rooftops and grid connectivity conditions are as per JERC specifications.

Applicability of charges

Under net-metering arrangement, ifthesystem is self-owned or third party owned/installed on eligible consumer premises, it shall be exempted from banking and wheeling charges, losses, cross subsidy and additional surcharge, etc.

Restrictions on grid penetration

The distribution licensee shall provide net metering arrangement to all eligible consumers aslong as the cumulative capacity allowed for a particular distribution transformer does not exceed 30% of its rated capacity.

Technical requirements, O&M guidelines

The solarplant shall comply with the relevant standards specified by MNRE/BIS and CEA. The design and installation of theroof top SPVshould be equipped with appropriately rated protective devices to sense anyabnormality in the system and carry out automatic isolation of the SPV from the grid

The responsibility of operation and maintenance of the SPV generator including all accessories and apparatus lies with the consumer

Provision for Policy Review

Not available



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