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Maharashtra Integrated RE Policy - 2015

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Nodal Agency

Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA)

Applicable Technologies

  • Bagasse based cogeneration

  • Biomass

  • Industrial waste

  • Solar power

  • Canal-top solar

  • Wind power

  • Repowering

  • Wind-solar hybrid

Policy Period

20th July 2015 - 20th July 2020

Targets under Policy

  • Capacity addition of 14,400 MW

  • Wind power– 5000 MW (1500 MW under RPO)

  • Bagasse based cogeneration– 1000MW

  • Small Hydro (SHP) - 400 MW

  • Biomass- 300 MW

  • Industrial waste- 200 MW

  • Solar power - 7500 MW


  • Capital subsidy of Rs.50,000 per kW upto a maximum of Rs.1 crore for SHP generation.

  • Capital subsidy of Rs.1 crore for biomass andindustrial waste.

  • Financial assistance,up to a maximum of Rs.1 crore, for evacuation arrangement of SHP and biomass projects from green cess fund.

Eligibility Conditions

Solar projects - minimum capacities of 1 MW, or combined capacities up to 1 MW.

Tax Exemption

Electricity duty exemption for captive use only, for first ten years of bagasse based cogen, biomass, industrial waste, solar and SHP projects.

Evacuation Arrangement

Erection of sub-stations to be undertakenby the project developer for all projects, with Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) and Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (MSETCL)approval.




Suitable intra-state open access provisions have been made under this policy.

Wind power projects

Repowering of existing wind generators is permitted as per MNRE guidelines. Capacity of 1350 MW commissioned after expiry of previous policy will be included in procurement target of 1500 MW. 3500 MW target is for captive/group captive, use for third party sale outside the state, or for REC mechanism.

Bagasse based cogen projects

It is necessary for developers to sell electricity to any distribution licensee in the state for fulfilling RPO at preferential tariff.The option for captive use, third party sale within/outside the state shall be allowed after fulfilment of RPO. Tax exemption on sugarcane purchase shall be allowed for export of surplus grid electricity, of minimum 3 MW (35 lakh units). 

Solar rooftop – gross/net metering

The metering facility shall be extended to all eligible developers who wish to set up rooftop PV. The government will promote solar rooftop systems on public buildings, domestic, commercial and industrial establishments, on gross and/or net metering basis. Eligible developers who wish to avail the metering facility will have to apply through online mode to the DISCOMs, either on their websites and/or through designated Meeseva/customer service centres. All approvals/clearances shall be disposed by the respective DISCOMswithin 14 days from the date of application. Projects of up to 1000 kWp capacity, at a single location, will be permitted.

Registration fees

  • Rs.1000 for capacities upto 5 kWp
  • Rs.5,000 for capacities from 5 kWp to 100kWp
  • Rs.10,000 for capacities from 100 kWp to 1000kWp
  • Rs.10,000 per MW for capacities above 1000 kWp

In addition, a facilitation fee of Rs.25 per kW is applicable for developers who seek single window clearance from the nodal agency.

Tax/Duty exemption

  • Electricity duty shall be exempted for captive consumption, sale to DISCOM(s), solar manufacturing facilities (up to 10 years) and third party sale, provided the source of power is from solar power projects setup within the state.

  • Cross subsidy surcharge shall be exempted for third party sale provided the source of power is from projects set up within the state for a period of five  years from the date of commissioning of the SPP.

Provision for policy review

The state government may undertake a mid-term policy review.



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