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Gujarat Rooftop Solar Subsidy - 2016

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Nodal Agency

Gujarat Energy Development Agency

Applicable Technologies

Residential Rooftop solar PV

Policy Period

13th February 2015 - 13th February 2020

Targets under Policy

3200 MW grid-connected rooftop solar projects by 2021-22. Subsidy provided for first 1,00,000 consumers

Incentive Amount

Rs. 10,000 per kW, with maximum limit of Rs. 20,000 per consumer

Eligibility Conditions

Capacity limited to 2 kW orhigher, subject to a ceiling of 50% of contracted load

Administrative Control Of Scheme

Department of Climate Change, under Energy & Petrochemicals Department, Government of Gujarat.

Eligibility of Establishments

This scheme is limited to Household rooftop solar projects only. Any Industrial, Commercial, and other consumers or Government and semi-government  organizations will not be eligible for this subsidy

Evacuation Arrangement

Not available







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