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Draft Scheme for Supply of Round-The-Clock (RTC) Power for RE Power Projects, Complemented with Power from Thermal Power Projects

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Nodal Agency

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).


Applicable Technologies

  • Variable renewable energy sources (VRES).
  • Thermal (coal or gas) power plant (TPP).

Share of Energy

  • Annually, the generator must supply a minimum 51% from VRES and the remainder from TPP.
  • The generator also needs to maintain an 80% availability factor without affecting the above criterion. To facilitate this condition, usage of Energy Storage System may be implemented.


  • A composite single tariff for renewable energy complemented with thermal energy shall be quoted at the delivery point which shall be at the CTU interconnection point.
  • Transmission-related losses and charges from the delivery point shall be borne by the DISCOMs.
  • Generators shall access and bear the cost of obtaining open access for supply of power up to CTU/STU interconnection point.
  • Tariffs for solar, wind and small hydro power are not indexed with any prices, but tariffs for thermal power are indexed with the price of coal.
  • The composite tariff shall be divided into composite fixed charges and composite variable charges by the bidder.
  • The bids shall be evaluated for the composite levelised tariff.
  • If the bidder quotes a firm composite variable charge for all years of supply, then the bid will be evaluated based on the variable charge proposed and the composite tariff thereof.
  • As an alternative to dividing the composite levelised tariff into composite fixed charge and variable charge, the bidder may use normative composite fixed charges and variable charges in the ratio of 70:30.





In the event of shortfall both in availability factor below 80% and shortfall in supply of VRES energy below 51% of the total power supplied, the maximum of two penalties shall be applicable as per State regulation.


  • VRES and Energy Storage System charged with VRES sources under this scheme are eligible for RPO compliance.
  • The apportionment of RPO between solar & non-solar may be on the lines of the principle adopted for hybrid plants.


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