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Draft Policy for Promoting Generation of Electricity through
New and Renewable Energy Sources - Tripura

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Nodal Agency  Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency (TREDA) 
Applicable Technologies  Solar, wind, small hydel, biomass and wastes and other new and renewable energy sources 
Policy Period  Not available 
Targets under Policy  Not available
Incentive Amount  Not available
Eligibility Conditions
  • Grid connected power generation plants with capacity between 10 kW and 25 MW
  • Production in the joint sector formed by government agencies and producers
  • Captive consumers using new and renewable energy sources
  • Average annual financial turnover of the producer for the last three consecutive financial years should be at least 50% of the project cost.
  • Collaboration with the proven technology supplier of the concerned power projects
  • Experience of developing two similar projects not less than the amount equal to 40% of the estimated cost of the proposed project or Experience of developing one similar project not less than the amount equal to 60% of the estimated cost of the proposed project in the last 10 years
Tax Exemptions
  • Captive producers are exempted from electricity duty
  • Sales tax/VAT would not be applied on equipment and materials or else the producer would pay the sales tax/VAT and get it reimbursed later.
Evacuation Arrangement
  •  Grid interfacing instruments and the maintenance of these instruments would be undertaken by the producer
  • Alternatively these works can be undertaken by the power department
  • The power department would augment the sub-station capacity at 33/11 kV or higher levels at its cost




Grid connectivity charges  The eligible producer at his cost will install the line, equipment as required for grid connectivity and install meters at his end to measure the outflow and inflow of energy as per the prevailing Rules and Regulation of the Department, which will be jointly sealed by the Department and the producer.
 Evacuation for Decentralized projects  Power department or the TSECL would construct local transmission and distribution lines at its own cost in case the producer is not receiving financial assistance for the same from other sources. 
Wheeling Charges

CERC/TERC regulations, if any in force, would be the guiding principles for determining the wheeling charges for transmitting power from the generation plant to the grid by the power department. 

Use of Conventional Fuel

Use of conventional fuel up to 30% might be allowed for biomass based power projects. 

Banking of Power Banking of power by eligible producers for a period up to one financial year might be allowed.  
Other Incentives Eligible producers would be treated as the eligible industry under the schemes administered by the industries department and will be eligible for all incentives provided to the eligible industries. 
Free Supply of Solid Waste at Site Concerned Municipal/ urban local bodies will provide garbage at the project site free of cost for urban, Municipal (Solid/Liquid) & industrial waste based power projects. Alternatively, the producers will be allowed to collect the garbage at its own & the concerned Municipal / Urban local body will pay charges to the producers on mutually agreed terms & conditions.





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