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Chhattisgarh Solar Energy Policy, 2017 – 2027

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Nodal Agency

CREDA shall be responsible for:
  • Tendering activities.
  • Getting all state level approvals for projects.
  • Land identification and land bank formation.

  • Assisting in distribution of government land.

  • Assisting in getting right-of-way.

  • Assisting in getting water supply and road connectivity.

  • Human resources development through training programmes and educational institutions.

Policy Period

  • 1st April, 2017 to 31st March, 2027 or until a new solar policy is announced, whichever is earlier.
  • Projects developed between 2012 and 2017 shall be eligible for benefits available under this policy.  

Eligible Entities

  • All individuals, registered companies, firms, central and state government generation and distribution companies, captive power plants, solar manufacturers and ancillaries, solar power projects, as per Electricity Act, 2003 and its amendments, irrespective of the nature of consumption of electricity generated (captive or sale to others). 

Type of Solar Power Plants and Target Capacity





Through competitive bidding conducted by state DISCOMs.

Determined as per the state’s RPO regulations.


Captive plants or third party sale.

Minimum – 1 MW. Maximum as per central solar policy.


Renewable energy certificate.

No limit



As per allotment through competitive bidding organized by the central agency.



  • As available under state industrial policy will be applicable.
  • Exemption from electricity duty for auxiliary consumption or captive consumption within the state.
  • If the incentives available under industrial policy are less than those under solar policy, then the incentives as per solar policy will prevail.

  • For third party sale through open access to entities outside the state, the open access charges will be as per state regulations or Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

  • Wheeling and transmission charges will be as per state regulations.
  • Cross subsidy surcharge for sale of power inside the state shall be as per state regulations. 

Banking Charges


Off peak hour charges

Peak hour charges




February to June



July to December



  •  Banked energy shall be paid at the prevailing rate, at the end of every year, by the state DISCOM after adjusting power banked in the grid against banked power taken back from the grid.




Solar Parks

  • To be developed in private or public-private partnership mode (PPP).

  • All necessary amenities related to power projects will be made available to solar parks. 

Grid-connected Rooftop Projects

  • A program will be launched in cooperation with the central government.

  • This program will accommodate facilities provided by the central government.

  • Plants with capacity of 10 kW and above will be provided grid connection. 

Single Window Clearance

Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA) will act as a single window clearance agency for solar power projects.

CREDA will ensure that:

  • All concerned departments issue orders in a timely manner.

  • Government and government departments shall issue all no objection certificates, permissions, sanctions and acceptances.

  • Incentives provided to businesses through the relevant state policies are also available to solar projects.

  • Facilities are available in a timely manner to upcoming solar projects. 

Monitoring Committee

Will be created under the chairmanship of the Principal Secretary, Government of Bihar.

The role of the Committee will be:

  • Monitoring of the single window clearance mechanism.

  • Resolving interdepartmental disputes.

  • Removing difficulties in implementing solar policy.

  • Any other relevant issues. 




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