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Andhra Pradesh Net Metering - 2013

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Nodal Agency

New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (NREDCAP), DISCOM

Applicable Technologies

Solar grid interactive roof-top and small PV plants

Policy Period

From 25.03.2013

Targets under Policy

Not specified

Incentive Amount

No capital subsidy

Eligibility Conditions

For 3 Phase service consumers only. Panelsshould be of Indian make, IEC standards

Tax Exemptions

     Not available

Evacuation Arrangement





The policy is intended to encourage generation from unutilized rooftop areas, households, wastelands, etc., for self-consumption and for feeding excess power into the grid.

Cost of Metering


The generator shall bear the entire cost of metering, along with its accessories. The installation of meters, including current transformers and potential transformers, shall be carried out as per procedures followed by DISCOMs, with prior permission. 

Protection System

Appropriate system on the consumer’s premises with feature of islanding of generator  




The generator shall pay the charges for net energy as per retail supply tariff specified by the Commission for the concerned DISCOM, if the energy supplied by the licensee is more than the injected energy of the generator. Any excess/surplus energy injected to the grid shall be treated as inadvertent and no payment will be made.

Registration Fees  Not available
Tax and Duty Exemption Not available

Provision for Policy


Not available



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