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Invention getting us off Fossil Fuel

  1. Smart flower A giant flower made of solar panels. It mimics the way sunflowers absorb solar energy. It even has tracking system which is used to track the sun, in the same way real flower does.
  2. Saphonian wind turbine Saphonian is a bladeless wind turbine, twice as efficient and half the price of conventional wind turbines. It imitates a bird’s wing or fish tail and was designed after a ship’s sails. It doesn’t interface with magnetic or radar waves.
  3. Perovskite solar cell Perovskite which combines abundant and cheap chemical elements including carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, iodine and lead – can convert 21.6 per cent of the sunlight hitting the cells into energy, and produce 216 watts of electrical power per square meter.
  4. Fuel cell Fuel cells are cheaper and more powerful and fuel cell vehicles can become a viable option for all someday. Traditional fuel cell research involves hydrogen fuel cells, but the researchers are engineering fuel cells that utilize ammonia instead. As a nitrogen-based liquid fuel, ammonia is cheaper to store and distribute than hydrogen and avoids the carbon dioxide emissions that comes from other liquid fuels, which are expensive to capture.

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