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India is making steady progress in the development of renewables. But information about current trends and growth trajectories, policy and regulatory reforms, financing and market updates, etc., pertaining to renewable energy is either not easily available, and if available, is dispersed in nature, resulting in searching for data in more than one website/portal, and wasting precious time in the process.

‘All About Renewables’ aims to bring about a change in the way we ‘look and search’ for data on renewables today, by providing access to the latest developments in the renewable energy sector (specifically renewable electricity), along with cross-linkages to the conventional energy sector, all on one single platform. Termed as the ‘holistic information portal on renewable energy (electricity)’, the portal enables the user to navigate through the various areas of renewable energy development as follows:


The user has access to the latest statistics and figures on the current status of renewables, such as the installed capacity, capacity addition targets, and data on grid-tied rooftop solar. It also provides cross-linkages with the conventional energy sector, with the single aim of enabling the user to look at figures/data of renewable electricity generation vis-s-vis conventional energy for a particular day/week/month, deriving a comparative analysis of the two. 

In addition, information related to IPPs/investors of wind (50+ MW), solar (20+ MW), small hydro (2-25 MW) and biomass, are provided both in tabular formats as also interactive maps. Users can easily view the project location and total capacity, of each of the IPPs/investors on the maps provided.

Offgrid Electricity

The user is provided with the latest statistics and figures on the current status of decentralized/offgrid electricity, including data/policy on micro-mini grids, decentralized rooftop solar, and home lighting systems.

Policy and Regulation

As the title suggests, the policy and regulation sections provide the user with a summary of around 200 policies, programmes, and regulations, both at the central as well as state/UT levels. The user has the facility to search for policies/regulations, state/UT-wise, technology-wise, or even year-wise.


Data and statistics of manufacturing related to the four major technologies viz. wind, solar, small hydro and biomass are provided here. In the wind and solar section, manufacturing details have been further broken down component-wise, to provide the user with more in-depth information.


This section provides the user with information not very easily available in the public domain, especially on one single platform. Total investments in renewable energy has been considered to be absorbed in debt and equity finance. Different source-wise investments in renewable energy in FY 2016-17 have also been provided under debt and equity.

Total debt and equity invested in renewable energy for FY 2016-17 has been derived from technology-wise added installed capacity in FY 2016-17. It may therefore be noted that the data of source-wise investments does not add to the total debt and total equity, which is an approximation derived from added installed capacity in FY 2016-17.

Effort is on to find data on lending to renewable energy from banks and private NBFCs.

*Users/relevant stakeholders are encouraged to provide latest and updated (validated) information on investments in renewable energy, that would strengthen the database on investments and enable more and more users to access reliable and current data in this field.



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