Multilateral Development Banks (FY 2016-17)*

Organization Amount (Rs. million) Amount ($ million) Description
Asian Development Bank 11492.25 175.00 Loan to Improve India's solar power transmission system
Asian Development Bank 32835.00 500.00 Loan to renewable energy projects
European Investment Bank 14815.35 213.94 Loan to SBI for mega solar projects
Asian Development Bank 3283.50 50.00 Co finance from clean technology fund
Asian Development Bank 25611.30 390.00 Project funding to Renew Power
World Bank 41043.75 625.00 Loan to SBI for lending to grid connected solar PV projects

(Source: Press releases by respective companies)

*Annual average exchange rate for the FY 2016-17 has been considered for Rs.-$ conversion




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