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Chandigarh: STP on 3-BRD to have solar power plant

CHANDIGARH: The sewerage treatment plant (STP) situated at 3-Base Repair Depot (BRD) will have a solar power plant as the municipal corporation has given approval to the department of renewable energy and science and technology of the Chandigarh administration for the same. Since the STP has the largest rooftop of the building, the UT is keen to install a solar power plant there.

"The project director of Chandigarh Renewal Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society' (CREST) said as per the site survey conducted, along with the MC engineer, it has been found that approximately 24,000 square meters shadow-free area is available on the ground, tanks and rooftops of the building, where 3MW solar power plant can be installed. It can generate 3.9 million units annually. They have further requested for an NOC so that the tender for the same can be floated," the document read.

It has been further revealed that the current annual consumption of electric unit at STP of 3-BRD is 10 lakh units.

News Date: 03-Mar-2019

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