Renewable Energy News in India

Actis could step up investments in India’s green energy space

Mumbai: Growth market-focused alternative investment firm Actis said India is one of its core investment markets where it has committed nearly a billion in the past 12 months, betting big on a fresh wave on renewable energy and continued advancement in fintech and consumer businesses compared to other emerging market peers. 

The UK-based firm, which invests out of its global pool of capital, has invested $450 million in the alternative energy space itself in the past year, and has indicated it will commit more capital to the world’s second most populous nation, where power consumption is expected to outpace growth in GDP. Also, with the government trying to make India the world leader in renewable energy, it makes the country one of the best investment themes among the emerging market economies. 

Actis recently raised $2.7 billion to invest in the energy space and is expected to make larger allocation to India, its top official said. 

News Date: 30-Oct-2018

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